Zoom in from HST View to Eagle Crater

This series of photos progressively zooms in to the Opportunity landing site at Eagle Crater. Images on this page total about 500 kB.

Below: Hubble Space Telescope photo of Mars taken during the 2001 opposition. The original full-resolution image can be found here:

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Schiaparelli hemisphere and Opportunity landing zone.

Above: this image was cropped from a mosaic composed of Viking Orbiter images acquired in 1980. The Schiaparelli Crater is at right center. The small red ellipse to the left of center marks the Opportunity designated landing zone in Meridiani Planum. The landing zone is about 87 km (54 mi) long by 11 km (6.8 mi) wide. The original high resolution mosaic can be found at:

Landing zone ellipse

Above: closer view of Meridiani Planum, with the Opportunity landing zone superimposed. This image was cropped from the same 1980 Viking mosaic of the Schiaparelli hemisphere as the previous image. Resolution is 1 km/pixel. All images on this page are oriented with north up and east to the right.

Above: NASA Viking image of Meridiani Planum, with designated landing site. Length of the ellipse is about 87 km. Original photos and caption:

Above: close-up of the landing zone taken from a mosaic of MGS MOC and Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System visible images (THEMIS-VIS). Note the tiny circle and arrow in the right hand quadrant. The image data was acquired between April 1999 and January 2004. Original caption and full size images can be found at:

Above: closer view of part of the landing zone mosaic. The arrow points to a circle drawn around Eagle Crater, Opportunity's final landing spot. The red rectangle denotes the area shown in the image below.

Above: the Opportunity Lander can be seen sitting in a small impact crater (later named Eagle Crater) in this image acquired by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) on 1 Feb 2004. The crater is about 20 m in diameter.
May 7, 2004 update: note tiny Fram Crater, which was visited by the Opportunity Rover while enroute to Endurance Crater. Original image and caption:

Eagle Crater

Above: this image of Eagle Crater showing the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity and its lander was taken by the Mars Global Surveyor orbiter. Note the small crater at the right center, which can be seen in the last photo on this page. Original image and caption can be found at:

Above: Eagle Crater and lander. Image was cropped from a large panoramic mosaic assembled from images taken by Opportunity Rover as it left the crater. The full panorama was released on April 14. The original caption and full size image can be found here:

Above: view looking east from inside Eagle Crater. Photo was taken by the Opportunity Rover's panoramic camera on sol 32 of the mission. The impact crater Endurance can be seen in the distance. The small depression in the foreground can also be seen in the overhead view of Eagle Crater taken by Mars Global Surveyor. For the original image and caption, go to:


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