Martian Fossils in 3-D

The stereograms on this page were made from stereoscopic pairs taken by the Opportunity Mars Rover panoramic camera. They were not enhanced in any way from the originals, except for cropping and, in some cases, rotating and/or resizing. Each stereogram has an associated page that fully documents how it was made, the exact location where it was taken at Eagle Crater, links to the original images, and more. Just click the link under each photo.How to view 3-D images.

Viewing the images in 3-D is simple, and the effect will amaze you! All you need is your eyes and a piece of cardboard about 2 feet long. As shown in the photo at right, place one end of the cardboard against your computer screen, and aligned with the center of the stereogram. Center the other end between your eyes. Make sure your right eye can only see the right image, and your left eye only the left image. Your eyes must be level horizontally. If you see only a double image, try tilting your head slowly to the left or right until the images merge. If that fails, move 3 or 4 feet away from the screen. With a little practice you should be able to fuse the images without the aid of the cardboard.

If despite your best efforts you are unable to see the images in 3-D, I suggest you try a commercial viewer such as the PolkScope at . This simple optical device uses prisms to combine stereo pairs for comfortable viewing.


Do not try to merge the two images by looking cross-eyed! Doing so will reverse left and right, and the 3-D effect will not happen.

The photos were cropped and sized for viewing with a screen resolution of  800 x 600 and a 15 inch monitor. Other settings may give less than optimum results.

Image editing was done with Microsoft Image Composer, version 1.5
All images below are courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

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Image 1 - more info

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Image 2 - more info

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Image 3 - more info

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Image 4 - more info

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Image 5 - more info

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Image 6 - more info

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Image 7 - more info

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Mar 27, 2004