Fossils on Mars ???

Have fossils of ancient plant-like organisms been found on Mars? These pages examine some astonishing objects photographed by the Mars exploration rover Opportunity, first at Eagle Crater, and later at Fram and Endurance Craters. Many of the images are combined as stereoscopic pairs, which vastly improves visualization. Internet links leading to the original source photographs for every image are provided. I hope you enjoy my presentation!


"Fossils" in 3-D - stereograms of the extraordinary Eagle Crater objects.

Endurance Crater - martian blueberries, many with stems, blanket the area.

Fram Crater - small impact crater found teeming with stalked-spheroids.

Other Objects - 3-D stereoscopic images of the Martian "crinoid" and "rotini".

Zoom-In to Mars - 9 photos take you from off-planet to the surface of Mars.

Location on Mars - topographic map of Meridiani Planum MER-B landing site.

Eagle Crater - overview of Eagle Crater with exact locations of "fossils".

Raw Images - direct links to 49 raw images of the Eagle Crater "fossils".

Mars Links - links to related and useful sites.

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Paulsen - Mar 27, 2004